Oats & Nuts

Spiced Carrot, Pistachio & Almond Cake

Fragrant and delicately sweet. This cake is flourless and made without sugar.....it gets it's decadent texture from ground almonds and pistachios. A dash of organic honey, a perfect balance of spices and fresh carrots lend it the melt in your mouth quality

Best Seller

Banana, Walnut & Date Loaf

This loaf is made with a blend of spelt/oat flour, a dash of organic olive oil, Greek yogurt, bananas, dates and eggs

Berry Squares

Ground oats, fresh berries, a drizzle of organic honey, a pat of pure butter, crunch from roasted almonds...these bars are what berry dreams are made of!

Cashew, Apricot & Ginger Squares

Simply baked ground cashews, held together with delicious dried apricots and flavored with crystalized ginger, can be drizzled with syrup made with honey & coconut oil (optional)


Dried Fruits Bars

Baked dried fruits of your choice ( dried apples/apricots/pears/blueberries), Oats, honey, fresh orange juice, with just 3 tablespoons of whole wheat flour (something like homemade energy bars)

Chocolate Nut truffles

Ground nuts of your choice (cashews/macadamia/almonds) mixed with a dark cocoa powder, bound with a spoon of coconut oil and agave nectar. They are not too sweet and deliciously dense.


Classic Italian biscotti made with chunky almonds and slivers of fresh orange rinds