About Us

Patisseh (pronounced patty-say) was established in 2018 by two sisters as an ode to their favorite childhood dessert, the Patisa (a popular South Asian dessert with a crisp and flaky texture usually flavored with cardamom). It was their love of confectionery and a passion for creating unique, whimsical desserts that led Sanya, a banker by profession, and Natasha, a lawyer, to begin the adventure that is now Patisseh. In two short years, Patisseh’s name has become synonymous with high-quality, delectable confectionary in midtown Toronto.

Sanya & Natasha are what is commonly known as “self-taught” in the baking world (albeit with some professional training here and there) They have created their own balance of flavors and through extensive experimentation, have developed their own repertoire of recipes and baking techniques.

At Patisseh’s kitchens, everything is baked from scratch using high quality ingredients,  decorated with precision and presented in quality packaging. Patisseh is grateful for all the appreciation and love it receives and hopes to continue celebrating your milestones and sweet moments with you!