About Us

Patisseh (pronounced patty-say) was established in 2018 by two sisters as an ode to their favourite childhood dessert, the Patisa (a popular South Asian dessert with a crisp and flaky texture and usually flavoured with cardamom). It was their love of confectionary and a passion for creating unique, whimsical desserts that led Sanya, a banker by profession, and Natasha, a lawyer, to begin the adventure that is now Patisseh. In only two short years, Patisseh’s name has become synonymous with high-quality, delectable confectionary in midtown Toronto!

We at Patisseh are what is commonly referred to as “self-taught” in the baking world (albeit with some professional training here and there!) We create our own recipes and through extensive experimentation, have developed our own repertoire of baking tricks and techniques. Natasha’s asthetic sense and strong values,  Sanya’s passion for experimentation and attention to fine detail, and above all, the strong bond that the sisters share have all come together to shape the vision for Patisseh.


The sisters find each other to be a constant source of not only strength and inspiration, but also honest feedback, which is proving to be a winning combination for spurring creativity, trying new things, and above all, having fun doing what they love!

And at Patisseh, this love ensures that our creations taste as good as they look. We always bake from scratch, use high quality ingredients, decorate with precision, and use quality packaging. No short cuts, no cheap substitutes. Only pure goodness, from our kitchen to your home. That is why we are incredibly proud of every single creation that leaves our premises for the homes of our valued clients.


Thank you Toronto for making our desserts some of the most sought-after. We hope to continue to offer exciting new products and celebrate your sweet moments with you!